Figures are given as a guide. Please contact us to discuss your project further and get a better idea of cost.


from £800

Typically one level of navigation (one menu), up to a dozen simple pages with images and text. A CMS (content management system) is possible but with relatively few plug-ins or additional modules. Registration / log-ins would not be required.


from £1,200

Typically two or more levels of navigation, data rich with more pages. Usually made with a CMS and with additional features (e.g. Gallery/slideshows, registration / logins, video/audio, blogs, feeds etc)

E-commerce Website

from £1,600

As the Website above but with e-shop, basket, and payment integration / checkout

Always included

co.uk / org.uk domain included* – other domains extra

Hosting during development included, enabling client monitoring of progress

Hosting / updates / tweaking for 3 months after website goes live included


Routine updates / maintenance / continued hosting after 3 months £150 pa e-commerce £180 pa

Additional design work beyond routine updating by prior agreement: £25 ph.

*Domain transfer or charges required after 1 year unless the routine updates/maintenance package is in place.

Graphic Design

A project budget will be agreed prior to commencing work based on a £25 ph formula.

Web Design


Graphic Design